Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So blessed. . .

 Time to catch up, so much has happened in the last few months!

My sweet little man entered the world on his momma's birthday, April 14. Yep, we share a birthday, how crazy is that?!  I didn't really have a birth plan because, well, let's face it - life is not predictable.  I simply wanted to try an all natural birth and avoid a c-section if possible. . . but sometimes these things cannot be avoided. 

 My Birth Story:

 I was approaching my due date and had not dilated or showed any progress during my weekly checkups.  I started walking a few miles daily, eating spicier foods, etc.  All to no avail, little man was quite content in my belly.  My doctor thought there was little hope that my body would go into labor naturally so an induction was scheduled for the evening of April 14th with a potential birth on the 15th.  This did not sit well with me because I wasn't sure he was ready to come out, but I took my doctor's advice.  Late in the afternoon on April 13th, I lost my mucous plug (sorry if that's TMI).  I was excited for just a bit of progress and feeling better about the scheduled induction.  I started packing up my bag for the hospital, doing my nails (a little vain right?), and preparing for the next day.  Well, my water randomly broke while I was painting my toenails!!  I had a few moments of panic, then called my mom to come take me to the hospital.  I think she was just as nervous as I was :)  Off we went.

I can pretty much summarize the next 20 hours or so - I was contracting and not dilating.  Little man was just partying in my belly the entire time. I was given multiple doses of several different medications with no effect.  No sleep. No pain meds.  I just wanted him to arrive.  We were approaching the 24hr mark of my membranes rupturing and was started on antibiotics.  After unsuccessfully attempting to manually dilate me, my doc said a c-section would be necessary.  Epidural.  C-Section. Then. . . 

Grayson Hendrix
born April 14th, 7:20pm
21in 9lbs3oz

 I never knew how quickly and completely you can fall in love.  
Such a miracle.

So much more to come. . .