Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Parenting a newborn. . .

is hard.  When everyone says that you get no sleep, I had no idea what that truly meant. The first few weeks were a struggle.  Getting by on little sleep and trying to figure out breastfeeding, combined with my frustration over my lack of mobility due to the c-section definitely proved to be a challenge.  My mom's help was and continues to be invaluable.  Grayson is now on a good sleep schedule and is just a great baby (in my unbiased opinion, haha)!  

I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with breastfeeding in the beginning - it was incredibly time consuming and I often wondered if Grayson was even getting enough to eat.  Now, however, I love it for a multitude of reasons: Grayson eats faster, I'm more comfortable with it, I love having the ability to comfort him anytime, it's free, it's convenient, etc.  And obviously it's the healthiest option for him right now. He and I are learning and figuring this all out together every day.

It's simply amazing to watch him learn and grow.  Each day is different.

Asides from growing mentally, his body is growing too - at 6 weeks, he was 12lbs 7oz and 25.5in!!!


Jennifer said...

You are doing great Lo! All these pictures are so sweet. Miss Mal's note is fabulous. :) Way to go sister!

Adaptable Kay said...

Now he is quite the handsome baby! I bet it takes a little while to get into your guys' 'groove' but it sounds like with a wee bit of help you're doing just fine ^.^